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Hades 2 features a surprise Hollywood star in a new role

Hades 2 has a surprise appearance from a Hollywood actor as one of the roguelike's new characters, so beware of spoilers within of course.

The Hades 2 cast is stacked. With many actors returning from the first game, there are a lot of characters from Greek myth with astounding interpretations to see realized in new ways. There are plenty of new characters too, with one revealed in the game’s credits as being voiced by a big-name Hollywood actor, no less.

With the Hades 2 release date on the way, there are going to be even more Greek gods, deities, and mythological figures given the roguelike game treatment. You’ll have countless conversations with these characters to slowly peel back their layers, just like in the first game, with new and returning characters gracing our screens. Of the new Hades 2 characters, one’s played by a surprising Hollywood appearance, so this is your last chance to avoid spoilers before I reveal who it is and who they’re playing.

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Asa Butterfield, from Sex Education and Ender’s Game, stars as Icarus in the Hades cast. I won’t spoil how or where you meet Icarus in Hades 2, but it’ll take a fair bit of playtime to meet him. Butterfield looks like the biggest name in the cast, but Baldur’s Gate 3’s Amelia Tyler also plays Hecate, with many of the cast of the original game returning as well.

In Greek myth, Icarus was the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the architect of the Crete labyrinth. After Theseus escapes the labyrinth and the clutches of the minotaur, both Icarus and Daedalus are imprisoned, with the latter designing wax wings to help them escape. Daedalus warns Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, lest his wax wings will melt. Icarus ignores his father’s warnings, and does exactly that before the wings melt, leaving him to plummet into the ocean and drown.

Hades 2 Hollywood actor: an image of the Hades 2 credits

There are sure to be many more secrets in Hades 2 when the game launches into Steam Early Access, so keep your eyes peeled for more familiar faces from the first game and references to Greek myth as you play. The first major Hades 2 update has already been outlined in the game too, if you want to know what’s coming after launch.

With the sequel almost upon us, here’s everything you need to know about each of the Hades 2 gods, all the Hades 2 boons, and what to expect from the Hades 2 system requirements as well.

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