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Half-Life 2 mod turns Valve’s FPS into an Amnesia-style horror game

A Half-Life 2 mod turns Valve's seminal FPS almost into an Amnesia and Outlast-style horror game, as it has the G-Man stalking your every move through City 17

Half-Life 2 mod turns Valve's FPS into Amnesia style horror game: Half-Life 2's G-Man stares into the camera from a profile position, with a black background

Many of Valve’s classic games are the seminal take on their genre, and Half-Life 2 is no exception for FPS games. The 2004 shooter is so popular in fact that it still gets new mods almost two decades later, and a recent Half-Life 2 mod almost turns it into horror games like Amnesia and Outlast.

Basically, G-Stalker is a mod that pits you against the G-Man throughout Half-Life 2, meaning the elusive intergalactic businessman will keep following you, at speed, throughout the game.

Designed by modder Anachronistic ALLOS, the mod sees G-Man appear from behind walls and buildings as they open up to empty white voids. If he gets too close for too long, you’ll also be disconnected from the game, adding to the mystique of the mod.

“When I made the original video of this concept, it ended up being really similar to the premise of the movie It Follows, because due to how I implemented the original video, G-Man was only able to walk,” Anachronistic ALLOS told us.

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Right now it’s just a demo of maps in Half-Life 2, as Anachronistic ALLOS is unsure if they want to transform the whole game into this G-Man nightmare. The mod can also be played in Garry’s Mod, if you so choose.

You can get chased by the G-Man across two train station maps and one Ravenholm map at the moment, and despite the small slice of content, the mod showcases just how effective mechanics like Mr X from Resident Evil 2 can be in other games.

The mod demo is available on Steam, and you can find out about each of the maps available and even support Anachronistic ALLOS if you so choose.

If you have a hankering for more wacky Half-Life 2 mods, there’s one that challenges you to play the game backwards, and there was even a Half-Life 2 sequel mod on Steam recently as well.