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Half-Life 2 mod turns Valve FPS into disgusting Scorn-like horror game

A new Half-Life 2 mod turns the Valve FPS and beloved Gordon Freeman adventure into a revolting horror game in the style of Scorn, while we wait on Half-Life 3

Half-Life 2 mod turns Valve FPS into disgusting Scorn like horror game. A zombie is shot with a flesh gun in a horrifying Half-Life 2 mod

A new Half-Life 2 mod transforms the Valve FPS and beloved Gordon Freeman outing into a repulsive body horror game in the style of the H.R. Giger-inspired Scorn, something to play in time for Halloween, and an icky, gooey way to pass the time as we wait on Half-Life 3.

Goreagulation by modder David Driver-Gomm casts you as a lone meat monster “deposited into a labyrinth of flesh and metal”. Armed with an array of skin covered weapons, and trawling your way through environments that drip blood and ooze goop, this “gorepunk nightmare” comes with voice acting and its own original soundtrack.

“You see things others won’t believe, experience horrors beyond ordinary comprehension, and witness impossibilities that drive lesser men mad,” explains Driver-Goom. “Only one directive remains evident in your mind: ascend the Spire. Destroy the Eye,” referring to the ominous flesh-metal eyeball that seems to be watching you throughout the entire game.

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Though some of the enemies remain from the base game, this is essentially a complete conversion of Half-Life 2, making it look and feel like horror-puzzle game Scorn, or David Cronenberg movies such as Videodrome and Existenz. If you like ick, sick, and you’re looking for a decent Halloween game pick (sorry) then Goreagulation, available now on Mod DB, is a fantastic, gruesome shooter, transforming our favourite mute physicist into Gore-don Freeman (sorry again).

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