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Half-Life: Alyx mod adds a whole new campaign to Valve’s VR FPS

An upcoming Half-Life: Alyx mod adds a whole new single-player campaign to the Valve, Steam VR FPS focusing on a Black Mesa scientist who hates Gordon Freeman

Half-Life: Alyx mod adds a whole new campaign to Valve’s VR FPS: An older man in a woolly hat, Russell from Half-Life: Alyx

A new Half-Life: Alyx mod adds a whole single-player campaign to the Valve and Steam VR FPS game, focusing on a rogue Black Mesa scientist who hates Gordon Freeman and wants to escape the Combine, parallel to the events of Half-Life 2.

Developed by Jerrin Chiu, From Here to There follows Dr. Smithers, once a researcher at the iconic Half-Life Black Mesa research lab, who blames Gordon Freeman for the Combine invasion of Earth, and one day receives a mysterious letter from his daughter. She claims to be in Fiji, the tiny Melanesian island between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, and says that the Combine are yet to discover its location, making it potentially the last human refuge on the planet. Smithers wants to join her there, but travel is impossible – the game centres on his efforts to construct a teleporter, and warp himself to a new life.

Featuring seven maps, unique puzzles, custom textures, and a full story that remains consistent with Half-Life lore, From There to Here is billed as a three-to-four hour campaign experience taking full advantage of Half-Life: Alyx’s VR and motion controls. A beta release is slated for November 24, but you can watch the latest trailer now.

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“I will be releasing an open beta as I continue to update and add more to the campaign,” says Chiu. “There is still need for continued optimisation and another full chapter I want to design. This open beta is to gauge how well it is met by the public and to fix any bugs, glitches, and inconsistencies in the game so far.”

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