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Half-Life remake Black Mesa is being remade, new demo out now

Half-Life remake Black Mesa, which totally rebuilds the Valve FPS classic, is now also being remade, and you can play a new section today.

Half-Life remake Black Mesa Classic: A scientist, Gordon Freeman, from Valve FPS game Half-Life

I think we’re reaching some kind of wonderful Half-Life nexus point here, our very own resonance cascade whereby all the versions, variations, and different visions of Valve’s epochal FPS finally combine into one glorious, green-glowing singularity. First there is Half-Life. Then there is the Half-Life remake, Black Mesa, which incorporates visuals, physics, and other elements of Half-Life 2. And now there is another, new Half-Life remake, which remakes Black Mesa using the GoldSrc engine of the 1998 original. The Half-Life remake is being remade…in Half-Life. We’re past the event horizon here, folks. Like a delicious, warm microwave casserole, if you want to sample the new Half-Life remake, a fresh demo is available right now.

Welcome to Black Mesa Classic, which takes the eponymous remake of Half-Life – developed by Crowbar Collective – and rebuilds it using the same engine and technology that originally powered Valve’s FPS game. It’s not exactly Half-Life. It’s not exactly Black Mesa. In fact, I hereby unofficially nickname this ‘Half-Mesa.’ But it’s fantastic and available to try right this second. Take a look courtesy of YouTuber ‘Protoverse Sigma.’

YouTube Thumbnail

The new Black Mesa Classic demo lets you play the entire Office Complex section. As you likely remember, as well as incorporating full Source physics, more detailed character and weapon models, new sound effects, and a lot more of the improved tech available after Half-Life 2, the original Black Mesa also rebuilt every single HL level from scratch. Black Mesa Classic keeps those revamped level designs, but now remade – or, if you prefer, demade – using the classic 1998 GoldSrc engine.

Created by Lambda Team Reverse, as well as the Office Complex chapter, you can also play through the entirety of We Got Hostiles. Just head right here, and you can try out the Half-Life remake remake today.

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