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Half-Life remake dev finally has a new game, with a beta on the way

Crowbar Collective, the developer behind Half-Life remake Black Mesa, is finally working on a new game, with a beta planned before launch.

Half-Life remake new game: Gordon Freeman in the Black Mesa lab from Valve FPS game Half-Life

Black Mesa, the Half-Life remake originally launched all the way back in 2012, is so good it almost – just almost – supersedes Valve’s original. Modernizing the epochal, Gordon Freeman-starring FPS, if for some reason you’ve found the very first Half-Life difficult to enjoy, or if you’re searching for the ideal companion piece, Black Mesa is a surprisingly deep and ambitious overhaul, built on the Source engine that powers Half-Life 2. Officially sanctioned by Valve, Black Mesa put Crowbar Collective firmly on the map. Now, the developer is finally returning with a brand-new game, which you will be able to play before launch thanks to an upcoming beta.

The more I think about it, the more Black Mesa feels like a minor miracle. In the original Half-Life, Crowbar Collective was tasked with remaking one of the most beloved FPS games of all time. It had to be true to the original, but also incorporate the improved tech and storytelling sensibilities of Half-Life 2. The fact that the studio, which was formed when two Half-Life remake fan projects combined, managed to pull off something like Black Mesa, is impressive by itself. That Crowbar Collective built a shooter that, in various instances, is actually better than Half-Life, is astounding.

And now the team is back, with a new but highly mysterious game we’re unofficially referring to as ‘Incoming Signal,’ based on the title of the initial teaser trailer. The music sounds quite Half-Life 2. There are sounds of gunfire, including, I think, the handgun from Half-Life 1. But the logo is reminiscent of Overwatch and other competitive shooters. See for yourself.

YouTube Thumbnail

Although we’re still waiting on the dates, Crowbar Collective confirms that a beta for its new game will be available, and that more updates should be on the way soon. Who knows? Maybe this is a full remake of Half-Life 2 in the Source 2 engine. You could call it City 17. Just saying.

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