Halo Infinite’s first Legendary skin is $20

Halo Infinite is live, and so is its item shop - here's what you can expect to pay for

A series of items available in the Halo Infinite item shop

Halo Infinite multiplayer is here after a surprise early launch – well, surprising if you weren’t following the leaks, anyway. While today’s launch is officially being called a ‘beta’, it’s effectively the full, free-to-play multiplayer side of Infinite, and with free multiplayer games comes monetisation. So here’s what you can expect to pay for.

Over in the item shop, the most expensive thing available right now is the Zvezda armour set, priced at 2,000 credits, or $20 USD. That includes the bleached bone armour coating (it makes your armour white), seven armour customisation items (helmet, helmet attachment, visor, left and right shoulder pads, chest plate, and knee pads) and the ‘stay hydrated’ stance.

The item shop, which resets weekly on Tuesdays at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT, also contains a $15 USD collection of vehicle cosmetics. (There’s also a set of Halo Championship Series skins themed after groups like Cloud9 and Faze Clan, $10 USD apiece.) Daily items include a $10 USD helmet, and a $5 USD collection of emblems to put on armour, vehicles, and weapons. A $2 USD pack will get you two XP boosts and two challenge swaps. You can also spend $2 USD to immediately gain a battle pass level.

And yes, there’s the battle pass. As previously announced, it’s $10 USD, with a free tier that gets you access to many of the unlockable cosmetics. A premium pass bundle sells for $28 USD, and will give you 100 XP grants – essentially, that means 25 free levels. Notably, it does not appear that there are any credits to unlock on the battle pass, so unlike in games like Fortnite, you will not be able to unlock future battle passes for free by completing the current one.

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The full Halo Infinite release date – the one that includes the campaign – is set for December 9.