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Halo Infinite to remove dedicated playlist for fan-favourite mode

Halo Infinite is set to remove a fan-favourite game mode from its dedicated playlists, with 343 Industries citing a decline in its player numbers

Halo Infinite to remove dedicated playlist for fan-favourite mode: Spartan flies towards the screen

A well-loved game mode new to Halo Infinite is going to be removed from the collection of dedicated playlists by 343 Industries, who cites a steady decline in players of the mode despite a vocal number of fans expressing their disapproval of its removal from the FPS game.

On September 20, new game mode to Halo Infinite Season 2, Land Grab, will no longer have its own dedicated playlist, with the mode set to be rolled into other playlists and rotated during events going forward.

343 Industries announced the Halo Infinite multiplayer change yesterday on September 16, and it said that despite it knowing Land Grab was a mode enjoyed by many, that “at this stage it’s been steadily declining and starting to fall short of the quality bar for a positive player experience.”

Land Grab definitely isn’t going away forever though, as it’ll be back via the Entrenched event on September 27, and after the events are over it will be rolled into the Quick Play playlist on November 8.

Still, a high volume of players have expressed their thoughts on Land Grab’s removal from the dedicated playlists section, with many noting how easy it is to get the challenges in the mode.

Others talked about how good the new game mode is, and how they wish it was sticking around on a more permanent basis. “Land Grab isn’t super balanced but it’s a lot of fun just because of how quickly it moves and how condensed the action is, hope it returns,” said one player on Reddit.

“Makes me wish that you could opt into multiple playlists,” said another player. “When talking about the sustainability of a playlist, it probably doesn’t help when people have to choose one playlist over the other. As well as having multiple playlists opted in means a higher chance for quicker matches over a much larger pool that could better match people to nearby players.”

The moving of Land Grab into Quick Play in November also has a lot of players calling for more customisable playlist options, as now those that do like Land Grab a lot will struggle to find a game, whilst those that don’t like it will see it added to the pool of Quick Play options.

The 343 Industries shooter has been struggling for some time, despite community-wide praise for its core gameplay. Cr1tikal even said the recent Halo Infinite roadmap was the game’s “final nail in the coffin,” and the same roadmap had local co-op cancelled and season 3 delayed as well.