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Halo Infinite wants you to pay for its most iconic armor set

Halo Infinite Season 5 is here and while it adds in lots of great new maps, game modes, and Flood cosmetics, 343 wants you to pay to celebrate Chief's birthday.

Halo Infinite Season 5 Mark V: classic Master Chief in his green armor, with two ODST troopers behind him on either side

Halo Infinite Season 5 is set to include the return of the shooter series’ most iconic armor set ever: Master Chief’s shining green and orange mantle. That’s right, the Mjolnir Mark V armor from Halo: CE is coming to the free multiplayer shooter for the game’s 22nd anniversary, but, unfortunately, it’s going to cost you.

As I write this Halo Infinite Season 5 has begun, starting Tuesday, October 17, and I’m honestly excited to dive back into one of the best-feeling FPS games out there at the moment. There are Flood-inspired cosmetics, multiple new maps, progression paths, and returning game modes, and you can try all of this out right now.

343 Industries is also bringing the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved Mark V armor to Infinite’s shop, and it’s causing quite the stir, namely because you’ve got to pay for it. The Mark V, or parts of it like the helmet, has historically been a free unlock for dedicated play in previous Halo games.

Halo Infinite Season 5 Mark V: the Mark V green Spartan armor in a dimly lit hangar of some sort

Starting in the shop on Tuesday, November 7 you can nab the armor kit for the Mjolnir Mark V armor, and it also comes with a Viridescent Ring armor coating, Cinder Ring armor coating, and Aurum Evolved visor, which 343 says gives players “more flexibility to personalize how their Spartan looks if they equip an Armor Kit, rather than being locked to any specific appearance.”

That’s good. I like that. But we still don’t know how much it’s going to cost, and the fact it’s premium is already rubbing some the wrong way. Halo senior community manager John Junyszek has confirmed it’ll be a paid item on Twitter/X, saying “The Mark V will be a premium offer in the Shop,” but we have no definitive price yet.

The fact the official announcement of the Mark V doesn’t give a cost or say it’ll be paid outright is, odd, and goes against how the armor was free to earn in previous Halo games. Infinite is a different ball game, sure, as the multiplayer itself is free and you instead have some free unlock tracks and premium passes, alongside plenty of free updates, but it still feels a little confusing.

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The classic HAZOP armor was in the Halo Infinite shop for 2,000 credits, which is likely how much the Mark V will cost, and that also has a history of being a free unlock in games like Reach and the Master Chief collection. For me, it’s the idea that 343 is turning the most iconic piece of Halo imagery into a store item when historically it’s been a free unlock for those who can put in the time. It doesn’t feel like much of a celebration anymore, though.

Once again I’m between a rock and a hard place. Halo Infinite plays well, and each season we get some great content that breathes life into the live service game. Then I remember it’s a live service game, and I’m deflated by certain decisions that don’t directly impact gameplay, but do sour the whole ordeal.

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