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Steam’s biggest sellers this week were Halo Reach and the Index VR headset

Halo: Reach and VR turned a big profit

Steam offers a tremendous array of games and a few other things, but we rarely get hard numbers for anything except concurrent player counts. This week, industry analysts have revealed the best-selling items on the Steam store this week. The big winners? Halo, VR, Rockstar, and… Euro Truck Simulator.

The Halo: Master Chief Collection was the biggest Steam SKU for the week, according to analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. In second place is the Valve Index VR headset, certainly driven by anticipation for the Half-Life: Alyx release date. This list is ordered by revenue for the week ending December 8, so we’re talking about a $40 game generating more revenue than a $500 headset – but the numbers look great for both releases.

Halo: Reach – the $10, standalone version – comes in at number five. The rest of the list is dominated by Rockstar, including all three versions of Red Dead Redemption 2. Early player counts for the cowboy epic on Steam have peaked at 41,301 players. By comparison, Halo: Reach player count is well over 100,000, though neither number accounts for players on other PC platforms.

And somehow, Euro Truck Simulator 2’s latest DLC is also in the mix. Never deny the power of trucking, friends.

Valve has finally started to be a bit more open about the biggest hits on its platform, and recently offered up a ranked-by-revenue list of the top Steam releases for October. Maybe this is the dawn of a slightly-more-open era for the company.