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Halo Master Chief Collection PC will get a new progression system

MCC PC is getting some big changes

Halo Master Chief Collection is going to have a bunch of new features on PC, and they’re mostly the things you’d hope for – stuff like FOV sliders, mouse-friendly UI, and custom control mapping, all of which should make the MCC test delay a bit easier to swallow. But a new blog post also hints at something more substantial: a new progression system intended to keep you playing MCC for longer.

“Our goal is to deliver a system that captures the spirit of progression in Halo: Reach but delivers it in a more modern way,” Max Szlagor, design director on the game’s publishing team, writes. “Think levelling, seasons, and unlocks. More details will be coming in a future blog. Please look forward to it.”

That’s all the detail Szlagor provides on the new progression, but he says it’s part of the process to ensure that MCC continues to evolve over time on PC. That also means some of the more baseline features – like wider parameters for FOV sliders and proper UI scaling for non-standard resolutions – are going to expand after launch.

The blog post details many of the other PC features that the team has focused on to make the port feel like a native PC title. Beyond FOV, there’s text chat, big resolutions, unlocked refresh rates, and all that good stuff.

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If you’re looking for more Halo PC goodness, you can follow that link for details on every way to control Master Chief with a mouse and keyboard. It’s been a long while since we’ve had those options – at least officially – but that’s changing in a big way.