Have questions about Sniper Elite 3? Slap your eyes on this developer Q&A

Sniper Elite 3 Q&A

Attention, inquisitive people. Our Steve wrote a preview of Sniper Elite 3 a wee while ago, but you might still have questions. Rebellion thinks so, anyway. Maybe you didn’t have time to read his lovely words or maybe your question is very specific like “can you shoot a nazi in both of his testicles?” So Rebellion’s put together a Q&A to answer the big ones, and the first part went up today, covering community, choice, environments, AI and relocation. Take a look below, sniper people.

I do like the approach Rebellion is taking with choice and multiple approaches. Instead of signposting parts of the game where you can choose different paths, it’s up to snipers to recognise key features in the environment that promote different styles of play. Thick foliage might inspire some up close and personal stealth murdering, while spotting a ridgeline above a camp might draw you up there to start sniping from afar.

The environments appear to be a lot more varied than in the previous game, offering a nice mix of cluttered, built up stealth areas and huge, open sniper paradises.

Sniper Elite 3 is due out on June 27th.