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Blizzard offer free Hearthstone packs to inconvenienced European players


Blizzard’s EU servers were up and down last week - bothering many of the 30 million registered Hearthstone players at the opening of a new season and interfering with a 24-hour marathon from streamers Reynad, Forsen, Kungen and Savijz.

By way of apology, the Hearthstone dev team will be doling out two free classic card packs to each European region player with an account created before May 3rd.

“We know access to Hearthstone in Europe was spotty last week,” said Blizzard. “Sorry about that, and we really appreciate your patience as we worked to get the tavern back into shape.”

If you’ve been a player for longer than a week, you can log in to find two new foiled treats in the Open Packs section. They won’t expire, so there’s no need to rush - in fact, they might not show up for another few hours yet.

Did you know? Hearthstone is outgrowing World of Warcraft these days. The little spin-off that could. Yet the crossovers are stronger than ever in Blackrock Mountain. Are you a player of one, the other, or both?

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Gamer avatarGnug315 avatarDog Pants avatar
Gamer Avatar
2 Years ago

Love WoW. Still don't really get the skill element of Hearthstone. Seems a lot of luck to me...

Gnug315 Avatar
2 Years ago

WoW was fun until my life no longer allowed time for the grindfest. They need to change that to cater to time-strapped adults (who can easily afford a sub).

Dog Pants Avatar
2 Years ago

I play Hearthstone and WoW. And Heroes of the Storm.


WoW I recently returned to so that I could run dungeons with friends. I don't have a lot of free time, but I got from level 83 (where I stopped playing years ago) to 100 in about three weeks. It seemed pretty quick and Warlords of Draenor has good, instanced storylines that feel like you're making a difference in the world. The garrison feature is quite nice, and lets you send an army of minions off to get stuff for you and take a bit of pressure of the already reduced grind.


Hearthstone is very user-friendly for a CCG. I like how it communicates the game so simply, but it feels like it lacks depth when compared to the likes of MTG. I'm sure there are people out there who find depth, they are probably the guys who trash me when I play public games. Nevertheless, the fact that I play public games at all is complimentary to its accessibility, and even when I lose I enjoy the game. It's just that I don't really feel any draw to it.


Not that you asked, but Heroes of the Storm (thanks for the key by the way) is Hearthstone to Dota 2's MTG. It's very accessible, losing doesn't feel like you've been beaten up for half an hour, and it has some great mechanics. But it just feels like it lacks the tactical depth of Dota. As a ganker by trade I miss getting the jump on a wandering loner and nuking them - with HotS every kill feels like a battle of attrition. By the same reckoning though, every death feels like it was my own fault. Despite that it's the MOBA I find myself playing now. I crave Dota, but the games feel like they take an eternity in comparison, and a few months away has drained me of the tiny amount of skill I'd developed.