The doors to Hearthstone’s Molten Core dungeon wing are now open

Hearthstone Molten Core wing now open

The second wing in Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain dungeon adventure is now open for card sharks, at least for those playing in the Americas region. The new wing is Molten Core, the magma-filled centre of the mountain, where Ragnaros’ lieutenants are waiting to melt your face off and singe your cards. 

You’ll need to defeat three of Ragnaros’ chums to claim victory over this wing. There’s the giant flaming boulder, Garr; the living flame, Baron Geddon; and Ragnaros’ second in command, Majordomo Executus.

Each boss drops two copies of a card, so you’ll walk away with two Druid of the Flames, Blackwing Technicians and Imp Gang Bosses. Putting all of the bosses in their places will make you the proud owner of a Majordomo Executus Legendary.

After you’ve cleaned up in Molton Core, you’ll unlock class challenges with Warrior and Shaman rewards and Molten Core’s Heroic mode.

And if you’re trying to plan new decks, here are all the new Blackrock Mountain cards.

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