The next two Hearthstone expansions are nearly finished

Year of the Raven

The dust is just barely starting to settle in the wake of the release of Hearthstone’s latest expansion, The Witchwood, but Blizzard have been planning ahead. In a video for Ars Technica, game director Ben Brode announced that the game’s next two expansions are nearly finished.

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Brode says “our next set (which I’m not going to tell you about) is through the final design process,” with focusing moving from design into balance and card clarity. That set, which is due to arrive in mid-August, is probably going to be based on Azeroth’s Ethereals.

The set after that, due in December (and which we reckon is about orcs) “is currently in the final design process.” Not content with stopping there, Brode says that the team are currently in the initial design phase of the set after that, which will be the first of the game’s next year of content.

You’d think, with a year’s worth of cards planned out ahead of time, that ridiculous cards like the Shudderwock might not get through, but who am I to tell Blizzard how to balance their game?