Hearthstone developers respond to Priest criticisms – “we messed that up”

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As a quick glance at the official subreddit will tell you, the Hearthstone community imploded slightly in response to the full reveal of all the One Night In Karazhan cards and a lack of attention to areas they felt required it. Most significant is the issue of Priest, which is essentially the worst class in the game in both the Standard constructed format and in the Arena. In the adventure this hasn’t exactly improved, and it demanded a full response from lead designer Ben Brode, as well as various posts on Reddit by August Ayala, another designer.

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You can see Brode’s response, posted on the official channel a few hours ago, above. He admits that there were mistakes made in their judgement of when to release which cards, and that they weren’t accurately assessing community opinion.

Ayala has posted on Reddit under the handle IksarHS. He says that the team used neutral cards as an opportunity to buff Priest with this go round, naming cards like Medivh, The Curator and various Dragon-themed cards as opportunities for decks to flourish. Purify, the supposedly useless card that has drawn so much ire, is said to be a design intended for experiments in a new archetype. For some reason, the post has been heavily downvoted.

Ayala also discussed Charge minions in a thread pointing out how few new cards have been printed with the instant-attack mechanic in the last year or so. He says that they’re difficult to design around and not end up with a lot of one-turn-combos, and they’re looking for ways to use the mechanic without it resulting in that.

Do read the rest of his posts for more tidbits.

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