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Hell Let Loose is being review bombed on Steam after glitchy trailer

Recent Hell Let Loose Steam reviews drop from ‘mostly positive’ to ‘mixed’ as the Devotion to Duty trailer features a variety of visual and technical issues.

Hell Let Loose Steam review bomb: A soldier in a helmet looks on grimly in FPS game Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is being review bombed on Steam after the latest Devotion to Duty trailer contains a number of visual and other issues, prompting concerns about the future of the FPS game under new developer Team 17. Though recent Hell Let Loose Steam reviews previously rated the shooter as ‘mostly positive,’ this has now dropped to ‘mixed’ as the HLL community expresses dismay at the coming update’s new reveal trailer. Team 17 says it will address the response to the Devotion to Duty cinematic, which features animation and graphical glitches.

As previously reported, the Hell Let Loose Devotion to Duty trailer, unveiled as part of the recent PC Gaming Show, contains noticeable visual and technical errors. An American soldier can be seen standing still in a default, unfinished A-pose, while an ammunition magazine is shown clipping through the top of an M1 Garand rifle, and a pair of floating, disembodied arms hovers around a battlefield.

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The trailer is dedicated to Hell Let Loose’s new 25v25 mode, which will see players fighting across a map based on the famous Brécourt Manor assault from World War 2. However, owing to the noticeable glitches and also complaints about voice acting, the community for the WW2 game has taken to Steam to make known its dissatisfaction.

Based on ‘recent reviews,’ reception to Hell Let Loose is listed as ‘mixed,’ as of June 13. This contrasts to June 6, five days before the reveal of the Devotion to Duty trailer, when recent reviews were listed as ‘mostly positive.’

Hell Let Loose Steam review bombing: An image showing different reviews for WW2 game Hell Let Loose on Steam

PCGamesN has contacted Team 17 for comment and will update this story with further information. In the meantime, Hell Let Loose community manager ‘Wombat Medic’ has responded to fans on the game’s official Discord, explaining that the development team is “aware” of players’ concerns.

“I can assure you, the team is fully aware of how everyone is feeling,” Wombat Medic says. “Tanking reviews and going out of the way to spread negativity helps no one.”

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