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Hellblade 2 VR won’t be happening anytime soon

In an interview with PCGamesN, Ninja Theory confirms that VR plans aren't in the pipeline, despite the original's popular VR edition.

An image of Senua from Hellblade 2 screaming with blue tribal facepaint across her face.

Virtual reality hadn’t quite peaked when the VR version of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was first released in 2018, but there was still hope that a Hellblade 2 VR port might happen. After speaking with Ninja Theory about Hellblade 2, the developer has confirmed to PCGamesN that no such port is in the works.

Some of the best VR games start life as a traditional PC game before being ported to virtual reality. Given that immersion is key to the series’ gameplay, we were part of the hopeful crowd who thought Hellblade 2 VR might be on the cards

We recently visited Ninja Theory HQ in Cambridge to go hands-on with the game and chat with the team. During our interview with studio head Dom Matthews, we broached the subject of a potential VR port, asking if one was in development, to which Matthews replied with an unambiguous “no.”

While it’s not unusual for developers to outsource VR ports to third-party studios, Matthews’ response makes us think that no such port is incoming, either externally or internally. It’s also worth noting that the original game’s VR port was handled by Ninja Theory itself.

We still hope that if Hellblade 2 performs well, and the demand is there, a VR port will be considered down the line. While VR gaming is currently seeing the benefits of the Meta Quest 3‘s launch and new game support from big studios, VR ports may still be a risk not worth taking amid ongoing and severe industry volatility.

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Additional reporting by Nat Smith