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Overlooked Steam shooter inspired by Left 4 Dead has a huge new update

Left 4 Dead style FPS zombie game Hellbreach: Vegas gets a new major update, adding the Penthouse map and expansive Royale game mode.

Hellbreach Vegas Steam FPS game: A warrior from Steam FPS game and Left 4 Dead rival Hellbreach Vegas

If there’s a Left 4 Dead-shaped hole in your gaming catalog, may we direct your attention to Hellbreach: Vegas? Made by a one-person dev team, which is pretty darn impressive if you ask me, the multiplayer FPS game could be just what you need to fulfill your cravings for tearing through hordes of undead flesh. Even better, it’s just received a big update with a new map and a game mode to enjoy.

Hellbreach: Vegas pits you against wave after wave of demons under the neon glow of Las Vegas. The goal being simple: survive as long as you can. The good news is that you’ll have plenty of firepower to help you stay alive, with over 19 weapons to choose from and the option to take on these terrifying monsters solo or in a team of up to four players. Throw in multiple maps and game modes, and you’ve got an undead delight that rivals Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty’s iconic Zombies mode.

As the zombie game is still in early access, developer Infinity Ape Studios has been working hard on regular updates to fulfill its roadmap vision laid out earlier this year. The second major content drop, dubbed High Roller’s Reign, features a new Penthouse map complete with a bowling alley, a spiral staircase, and an outdoor pool to spray with demon blood. There’s also a brand-new Royale mode, and you can see both of these features in the trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Other additions with this update include a new freeze damage perk, lighting rework, more weapon skins, improvements to Vegas Chapel and Casino, and other small quality-of-life changes. This is the second of a planned four updates, with the dev encouraging feedback to help improve the game. You can check out Hellbreach: Vegas on Steam here.

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