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How to get the Malevelon Creek Cape in Helldivers 2

Learn how to get the Malevelon Creek Cape in Helldivers 2, and to remember the fallen in the fight for democracy against the Automatons.

Helldivers 2 Malevelon Creek Cape: a Helldiver reloading his shotgun.

How do you get the Helldivers 2 Malevelon Creek Cape? One of the most hotly contested territories in Super Earth’s fight against the Automatons is Malevelon Creek in the Severen Sector. While the Helldivers were successful, many fell in the battle. Therefore, the president of Super Earth has issued a decree to commemorate this feat, stating that April 3 will be Malevelon Creek Memorial Day.

As a result, a Helldivers 2 Malevelon Creek Cape is currently being issued to anyone who logs into the multiplayer game and spreads democracy during this solemn occasion. We highly recommend you take the best Helldivers 2 weapons and utilize the best Stratagems to honor the fallen. After all, there’s no better send off than an explosive tribute that happens to take a few Automatons with it.

The Helldivers 2 Malevelon Creek Cape in the Armory. It's known as the Fallen Hero's Vengeance.

How do you get the Helldivers 2 Fallen Hero’s Vengeance cape?

Anyone who logs into Helldivers 2 after April 3 will automatically receive the Malevelon Creek Cape. It’s officially called the Fallen Hero’s Vengeance, and while there’s no indication of how long this giveaway will last, we estimate that you have until April 10 to log in and get it.

You may notice that there’s no notification stating that you have this item in your gear. You need to read the Dispatches in the main hub area to learn of the presidential decree, which mentions that all Helldivers will get the cape.

To equip it, go to your Armory on board your ship, click the Armory tab, and select cape. From there, you should see that you already own the Fallen Hero’s Vengeance. It doesn’t give any additional stat bonuses or armor passives, but it’s a very sleek design.

Once you’ve put on the Malevelon Creek Cape, it’s time to show those Automatons and Terminids how we honor our dead. Check out the best Helldivers 2 loadout for dealing with either of these two enemies of democracy. We also have a list of the best Helldivers 2 farms for medals and XP. Finally, you may wish to know the current Helldivers 2 server status if you’re having trouble logging in.