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Helldivers 2 patch 01.000.202 finally fixes those many crashes

Helldivers 2 patch 01.000.202 is finally here, as Arrowhead offers up fixes for those pesky crashes ruining our fights for Super Earth.

Helldivers 2 update 01.000.202: a super soldier in black and yellow armor readying a gun

The Helldivers 2 patch 01.000.202 finally fixes the myriad crashes that have been plaguing the game, and our subsequent fights for democracy and Super Earth no less. So if you’ve been waiting to dive back in until there’s no fear of lost progress due to a crash, now’s the time to give the galaxy a democracy-imbued shake down.

We’ve been waiting on this Helldivers 2 patch for a while. Update 01.000.202 finally gives us some fixes for those pesky Helldivers 2 crashes we’ve been inundated by, meaning your deployments in the live service co-op game should go a lot smoother. Minus the killer bugs, of course.

The crashes aren’t all though, as Arrowhead explains how it’s changed UI for weapons that do explosive damage too.

“We have updated the stats UI for weapons to take into account any explosive damage done by them,” Arrowhead writes. “This is to give weapons that do damage with explosive projectiles a more fair representation in the UI. Most notably affected is the PLAS-1 Scorcher.”

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Helldivers 2 patch 01.000.202 crash fixes

There are plenty of crash fixes in the new Helldivers 2 patch, courtesy of Arrowhead, so we’ve listed them for you below.

  • Fixed some crashes that occurred when deploying to mission
  • Fixed some crashes that occurred during extraction and right after it
  • Fixed crashes that could occur if the squad deployed a large amount of support weapons
  • Fixed various crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using heat based weapons
  • Fixed crashes which could occur if a player died while using the jetpack
  • Fixed crash which could occur when large volumes of enemies were present
  • Fixed crash which could occur when the player picked up a snowball
  • Fixed crash which could occur when completing an objective

With the automatons defeated in Helldivers 2, for now at least, the future of Super Earth is looking bright. I’d wager everything won’t stay this positive for long though, so take the good while you can.

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