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Helldivers 2 PSN workaround sparks concern over ban risk

As the Helldivers 2 community scrambles around the upcoming PSN requirement, Sony proposes a workaround that could also get you banned.

Helldivers 2 PSN account: a soldier clad i nwhite armor running through a snowy planet

The Helldivers 2 community is on fire right now. After Sony and Arrowhead announced that all Steam players must link a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to play, many have been leaving furiously negative Steam reviews and attempting to ask for refunds. A Sony FAQ tells players who live in countries without PSN support to make an account in another region, while its own terms of service can ban you for doing just that.

In case you missed it, Arrowhead says all Steam players must link their Helldivers 2 account to PSN by Tuesday June 4. This comes after a “grace period” that started at launch due to technical problems, but now everyone playing the co-op game on PC must link accounts to play. Since then, the positive sentiment around Helldivers 2 has taken a nosedive, especially with players who live in countries where PSN isn’t available.

To combat this concern, Arrowhead has shared a PSN FAQ from Sony, with one answer addressing what players can do if they live in a country that isn’t PSN-enabled. “PSN requires users to register in their country or territory of residence. Individuals who are traveling, working, or studying abroad may create an account in a country or territory different from the one in which they are currently located.”

Helldivers 2 PSN account: an image of a Discord post and PlayStation's terms of service

This statement hasn’t alleviated player fears, as Sony’s own PSN terms of service say it reserves the right to ban anyone who violates the agreement when making an account. This includes how players “must select the country or region of your residence and in which your account will be registered,” with Sony adding it reserves “the right to suspend, terminate or restrict any Account that uses or was created using false information.”

Players who live in a country not supported by PSN will need to make an account claiming they live in one that does, but Sony says it can ban any account doing this. With a month until a PSN account is required, there’s no telling if Sony will change the system so Helldivers 2 players in countries without PSN support can safely play the game.

While Arrowhead and Sony sort out exactly what PSN account linking means for Steam players, we’ve put together all the best Helldivers 2 weapons you’ll want to try, alongside the ideal Helldivers 2 armor to keep you safe from bots, bugs, and your own teammates.

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