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Helldivers 2 dev apologizes for Reddit trolling

Arrowhead's Fredrik Eriksson has issued an apology to Helldivers 2 players after a series of Reddit comments trolled fans a little too hard.

Helldivers 2 dev apologizes for going " a little far" with Reddit troll: A character in combat gear with a black skin waving in the wind, kneeling on one knee on top of a pile of dirt as the sun sets in the background, two other players behind them

The latest Helldivers 2 patch has sparked a fair amount of controversy, with Arrowhead’s decision to heavy nerf some of the game’s most powerful weapons leaving some out in the cold. As players vented their frustrations on Reddit, senior animator Fredrik Eriksson dove straight into the fray with a series of heavily downvoted comments, and has since apologized for “trolling” a little too hard.

Following the latest Helldivers 2 patch, which takes aim at some of the best Helldivers 2 weapons and, in turn, shifts them to the bottom end of the tier list, players have been quick to vocalize their issues.

“Nobody wants to play ‘run from the Charger you can’t kill’ on higher difficulties, no matter how much that fits your ‘vision,'” writes one player on the space game‘s official Reddit. “Have fun with active player numbers dropping, I guess.”

Eriksson issued a series of responses in turn, including comments like “a game for everyone, is a game for no one,” which currently sits at 741 downvotes. The follow-up comment, however, is the one that has set the forums ablaze, as he responds “I’m feeding the rage a little for my own entertainment here, just so you know.” At the time of writing, this specific comment has accrued over a thousand downvotes.

A Helldivers 2 dev jokingly claiming they are "feeding the rage" on a Reddit post

However, in the wake of most of his Wednesday March 6 comments being heavily downvoted, he’s issued an apology, noting that he perhaps “went a little far” with his “trolling.”

“I went a little far with the trolling, but what I said is said. I’m sorry if people took offense to it, I’m not going to engage with the community any more, since as many people have pointed out; we have a community team that should handle that.

“I figured I’d have a little fun with the players, but I realize being a dev I’m in an unfair position. Maybe this isn’t going to mend anything with you, but at least I feel I should own up to it and apologize. I’m sorry.” The comment, at the time of writing, has 385 downvotes – apology not accepted, it seems.

A Reddit comment from a Helldivers 2 developer apologizing for inflammatory comments

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