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New Helldivers 2 ship upgrades are here to give you the edge

New Helldivers 2 ship module upgrades are here, giving you yet another way to boost your weapons and stratagems in the co-op space shooter.

Helldivers 2 level four ship upgrades are here - A soldier wearing black and yellow armor in the co-op space shooter.

Eyes up, cadet – new Helldivers 2 ship module upgrades have arrived, giving us a welcome power boost as the ongoing major order to defend against the Automaton invasion force continues. The tier four ship upgrades deliver a range of powerful boosts to both weapons and stratagems, so make sure you’re loading up on samples with every extraction to ensure you can grab all these new improvements as soon as possible.

Helldivers 2 is packed with powerful weapons and stratagems to unlock to help us fight the ongoing war against the Terminid bugs and Automaton bots (although definitely not the Illuminate, who the Super Earth Ministry reassures us are certainly out of the picture forever). While the arrival of a new Helldivers 2 Warbond has given us more options for our loadouts in the co-op game, the ship module upgrades are one of the only ways to permanently boost your power across the board.

These new Helldivers 2 ship module upgrades, then, should help us in the rather demanding major order that we’re facing. Following our glorious victory over the Automatons, a new invasion fleet has resumed hostilities, and left us wondering who and where Karl is. These new upgrades boost the power of fire and arc weapons, add a bit more punch to your eagle stratagems, and make your resupplies even more potent.

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New Helldivers 2 ship module upgrades

Here are the new level four ship module upgrades available now in Helldivers 2:

  • Patriotic Administration Center – Superior Packing Methodology: Resupply boxes refill support weapons with the maximum number of carriable magazines.
  • Orbital Cannons – Atmospheric Monitoring: Orbital HE barrage spread reduced by 15%.
  • Hangar – XXL Weapons Bay: Eagle stratagems that drop multiple bombs will drop one additional bomb.
  • Bridge – Enhanced Combustion: Fire damage from stratagems increased by 25%.
  • Engineering Bay – Circuit Expansion: Lightning arcs fired from weapons and turrets jump to one additional enemy.
  • Robotics Workshop – Blast Absorption: Sentries take 50% less damage from explosions.

Make sure to bring your samples home, then, and all of that should give you a nice boost to your best Helldivers 2 stratagems and the best Helldivers 2 weapons alike. Now get out there and show those bots who’s boss.

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