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Helldivers 2’s stratagem gamble is one Arrowhead hopes will pay off

Choosing one of multiple Helldivers 2 stratagems is "exciting" for Arrowhead, but the team says it'll learn from the experience either way.

Helldivers 2 anti-tank airburst choice: a soldier inblack armor holding up a silver pistol

Arrowhead says having to choose between Helldivers 2 stratagems is an “exciting” proposition for the live game, as some players voice concern over potential toxicity when one of the rewards remains locked away. An incredible success that continues to thrive, the co-op shooter is constantly shifting while offering up new rewards and progression paths, with the choice between two stratagems the latest in a line of hard decisions.

If you missed the update from Arrowhead, the current Helldivers 2 major order tasks us with liberating the Automaton planets of Choohe and Penta by Monday April 29. Both planets will yield a new Helldivers 2 stratagem: the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines and the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher. The issue is, that we’ll only get the one stratagem from the planet we free first in the co-op game.

This is an incredible play that leans into the intersecting player and developer storytelling which has all of us act as direct participants not just in the galaxy’s fate, but in how we choose to spread democracy across it. That said, many players are noting in the Helldivers 2 Discord how it also means we’re missing out on a new stratagem, at least for now.

Helldivers 2 anti-tank airburst choice: multiple HD2 Discord messages about the new stratagems

One player says it could “feed into the toxic behavior from people that want mines over airburst rockets and vice versa,” but a community manager outlines how they don’t think this is the case.

“I don’t think it will, I think players will find it exciting to have to choose,” Helldivers 2 community manager Thomas ‘Twinbeard’ Petersson says. “If it does, however, we’ll learn from it. Neither of us knows what will happen in the future. We do some stuff short term and some long term. If everything was as clear as day the galactic war wouldn’t be much fun now, would it?”

This Helldivers 2 major order choice comes as part of Arrowhead’s constantly evolving narrative for the game, and while some of us will be left wanting when we don’t get the stratagem we desire, that constant push and pull is what makes the game special. Maybe we’ll rally against the Terminids and Automatons one week, only for them both to gain ground the next. Helldivers 2 isn’t about constantly winning after all, it’s about how the strength of a win is compounded by the losses that come before it.

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Both the mines and rocket launcher will make great additions to your Helldivers 2 loadout, and I wouldn’t put it past Arrowhead to introduce whichever reward we don’t get from this major order down the line anyway. If the team has already come up with the concept for both and done some work on them, I can’t imagine they’d waste the other by keeping it locked away in a vault forever.

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