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New Helldivers 2 update removes glitch helping us kill 2 billion bugs

A new Helldivers 2 update finally fixes shrapnel damage while ensuring we don't get overcompensated for killing Terminids in full squads.

Helldivers 2 update kill task: a soldier in black space armor with a red visor, stood in front of a vibrant explosion

The next Helldivers 2 update is here, and it finally fixes the Eruptor’s shrapnel issue to stop you from accidentally killing you and your friends. There’s also a big change to Kill Task Major Orders, so we won’t be eradicating two billion Terminids in less than a day again anytime soon. There’s plenty to get stuck into with the 1.000.302 patch notes, so I’ve put it all together for you below.

Now that the dust is settling on the Helldivers 2 PSN fiasco and Steam players are changing their negative reviews to reflect Sony’s quick action, we should turn our attention to the next batch of improvements in the co-op game. Patch 1.000.302 is here, and it makes some pretty big changes.

First, the R-9 Eruptor has finally increased its damage and had the shrapnel effect removed. After players assumed that Helldivers 2 ricochet damage was killing them, Arrowhead found that shrapnel damage was actually decimating teams by accident. The increased Eruptor damage and shrapnel effect removal is being done to “avoid cases in which players would randomly one-shot themselves or their teammates in a huge radius around the explosion.”

Helldivers 2 update kill task: a Steam post about a HD2 update

More importantly, we won’t be decimating the local Terminid population at the same rate anymore. After a glitch saw the number of Terminid kills overcounted in a Major Order, Arrowhead has fixed what made our lives a lot easier.

“Major orders with the ‘Kill task’ now track score correctly,” Arrowhead says. “Previously it counted the entire squad’s kills once for each player, meaning it would multiply the score by the number of people on the mission; this is now amended.”

It felt like we blitzed the bugs far too quickly. While this meant we all got those Medals extra fast, it’s for the best if we don’t see our numbers pumped up by undemocratic accidents any longer. How are we going to win the war if we don’t know how many Terminids are actually left?

My favorite defense mission strategy has also gone out the window, as 1.000.302 puts an end to landing on tall rocks and using them as key positions. Considering that most Terminids don’t shoot back, it was a great workaround when dropping in, but those days are over.

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There is also a suite of crash and social menu fixes in the latest Helldivers 2 update, with the patch notes working on fixing these ongoing issues that have plagued the game since launch.

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