Blizzard will feed Heroes of the Storm thousands of new players over the next month

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm technical alpha is getting set to expand slightly. It hungers for fresh meat, its appetite not quite sated. It’s grisly maw is opening up, preparing to inhale and swallow up more heroes, pitting them against each other in the Nexus. 

Blizzard’s offering up two ways for you to get in line to be swallowed up, one that you can do on your own, and the other by begging and whining at a chum who is already in the alpha. 

The first way, the one you can do yourself, requires you to head over to the Heroes of the Storm Facebook page, feed the narcissistic machine by “liking” it, and then fill out the form in the Bring Your Friends app. 4,000 applicants will be swallowed whole and given access to the alpha.

Or, if the thought of dabbling in the occult rituals of Facebook makes you uneasy, you could always just leverage a friendship. Players with access already, and who reach level 20 by November 18th, will be put into a draw, where they could be one of the thousands of players that win their Battle Tag and Real ID chums alpha access.

Lamentably, only friends added to the list prior to today, October 16th, will be eligible.

Time to suck up to some internet buddies, then.