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The Heroes of the Storm alpha client is getting a 64-bit upgrade

Heroes of the Storm 64-bit

Blizzard’s been running its Heroes of the Storm technical alpha for a while now, and both Tim and Nick took it for a spin a while back, enjoying it quite a bit. The reckoned it was “a triumph“. Now a new version is in the works, planned for the next patch. 

A 64-bit version of the technical alpha will be available to all players with appropriate systems as soon as maintenance finishes on patch day. 

For those of you with more than 4GB of RAM, this means that the new client will be able to make the most of it. Blizzard says this will reduce the risk of coming across the the out of memory error.

Switching to the 64-bit version will be as simple as unchecking a box in the settings menu of the Battle.net launcher.

This is for Windows only, but in time a Mac version will be made available.