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Unleash 18th Century Hell in this dark fantasy tactical RPG on Steam

Dark fantasy tactical RPG Hexxen Hunters brings the German tabletop game Hexxen 1733 to life, unleashing Hell in a Darkest Dungeon style strategy game on Steam.

Hexxen Hunters - a group of hunters in this dark fantasy tactical RPG.

Hexxen Hunters unleashes Hell upon 18th-Century Europe in an all-new tactical RPG on Steam. Bringing German tabletop game Hexxen 1733 to digital life, Hexxen Hunters delivers squad-based strategy from developer Ulisses Spiele Digital and indie publisher Hooded Horse that adopts the dark fantasy stylings and expedition structure of games like Darkest Dungeon alongside XCOM-style tactical combat. Assembling a party from a crew of eight unique hunters, you’ll have to survive and explore in a world overrun by evil.

Set 100 years after the very gates of Hell opened in the Black Forest in Germany, Hexxen Hunters puts you in charge of a crew of hardened hunters. Putting together a party of four from a roster of eight hunters, each of whom brings their own bespoke equipment and branching skill trees to customize their talents, you’ll head out to beat back the hordes of evil and alleviate the inevitability of the doomsday clock.

You’ll head back to your camp between adventures, with the ability to upgrade your tools and utilities to aid in your fight. That’ll be essential to patch up any incurred wounds, as well as gearing up with weapon upgrades and item crafting. You’ll also have the option to study monster types you’ve encountered and try to uncover their behaviors and weaknesses to help you out in future fights.

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Much like Mutant Year Zero or even Baldur’s Gate 3, the exploration in Hexxen Hunters takes place in real-time but switches to turn-based combat once things kick off. There’s a focus placed on delivering ‘big turns’ where you unleash a combo of powerful abilities to bring your foes to their knees, but you’ll need to adjust your tactics on the fly to counteract the unique attack patterns of the Hellish menagerie at your doorstep.

Hexxen Hunters is set for launch in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2024.

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