Hi-Fi Rush beats Forspoken to Steam top sellers, despite Game Pass

Both Hi-Fi Rush and Forspoken released on Steam recently, but the Tango Gameworks rhythm action game is the only one of the two in the top sellers list.

Both Hi-Fi Rush and Forspoken were released last week, and while the action-adventure games might have somewhat similar styles of writing, the newest surprise launch from Xbox and Tango Gameworks is the only one of the two that appears on the Steam top sellers list.

Hi-Fi Rush has already been crushing it on Steam despite a PC Game Pass launch, but it looks like Square Enix’s Forspoken, which launched the same week, hasn’t had the same level of success.

The SteamDB breakdown of the top sellers has new and upcoming releases like Hogwarts Legacy and Dead Space Remake up top, with Hi-Fi Rush sitting firmly at number eight of ten at the time of publication. This is despite Hi-Fi Rush’s Game Pass launch, with Forspoken nowhere to be found.

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This might not be down entirely to the content of each game though, as Hi-Fi Rush is currently $29.99 USD / £26.99 and Forspoken costs $69.99 USD / £64.99. While it wouldn’t make sense to say that potential Forspoken buyers have gone directly to Hi-Fi Rush due to its price, it is worth noting that Hi-Fi Rush’s price point makes it more appealing than a full-priced AAA game. This doesn’t mean more players will buy it automatically, mind, but it does play a part.

This Hi-Fi Rush success also comes off the back of something else I can’t stop harping on about: it was released on Game Pass day one. It would quite literally be cheaper to buy a month of Game Pass and play Hi-Fi Rush than get it on Steam. Of course, you wouldn’t actually own the game when playing it via Game Pass, but it’s still an interesting fact when looking at the digital-only release.

You can see the Steam top sellers from last week (week commencing February 23) on SteamDB.

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