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Humor meets horror in High on Life’s new DLC

High on Knife, the first DLC to drop for Squanch Games' big debut game High on Life, looks as though it is going to combine the comedic with the creepy.

A giant purple alien from High on Life grimacing at the screen and pointing toward the player

High on Life is definitely not something I would ever refer to as a horror game. From its vibrant color scheme to its highly comedic overtones, there is nothing about my time with High on Life that made me think, “wow, this is scary!” That may change soon enough, though, as its upcoming DLC titled High on Knife seems as though it will pack a thrilling punch. While we only have a small teaser trailer from the Xbox Extended Showcase to go off of, the clip is enough to leave me both afraid and excited for High on Knife.

Sadly, Squanch Games has no release date specified for High on Knife, aside from stating that it will be coming soon. The teaser clip itself is just shy of a minute long and it feels like something straight out of an Alien film or a Dead Space game. With overly-squishy-sounding blood animations and terrifying giant extraterrestrials, I am loving the combination of funny and spooky vibes High on Life’s DLC is giving off so far.

High on Knife aims to give Knifey a bit more time in the spotlight in a brand-new planetary environment filled to the brim with a diverse variety of new characters, hazards, and scary surprises. Squanch Games has also stated on the DLC that it will “introduce a brand-new talking gun character, Harper, voiced by Sarah Sherman.” Sherman is an actress and comedian best known for her surreal, horror-inspired comedy as well as her sketches on shows like Saturday Night Live.

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This is a totally new look for the game, and I’m excited to experience a spookier part of space that focuses on the dark and dreary a bit more than the colorful and silly, without losing a touch of the latter qualities.

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