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Hit Stardew Valley-like deck builder on 30% Steam sale

Moonstone Island offers a unique blend of genres, including life-sim, farming, and monster collecting that will scratch multiple itches

It’s hard to exactly nail down a clear comparison of what Moonstone Island is. The indie title clearly draws massive inspiration from Stardew Valley in its farming mechanics and visual design, but Moonstone introduces so many varied gameplay mechanics that it’s almost developing a blended genre all on its own. Now might be the best time to dip your toes in island water because the game is on sale for just a limited time.

Moonstone Island was initially launched in September 2023. Players take on the role of an alchemist farming and battling spirits agaisnt each other. Farming interacts with combat, as players can use specific crops to tame spirits and use them in battle. Combat plays out in card-based battles, and each of the spirits you’ll be taming comes with its own deck of cards and stats.

Spirits and cards have types that closely resemble Pokemon, such as Psychic, Water, and Electric. What stands out in Moonstone Island are the monster’s designs. While the game elects for the popular pixelated indie-style visual design, the monster designs are truly unique and play up to their typing. My favorite of the bunch is Ankylo, an Earth spirit that resembles a small adorable dinosaur.

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The game’s map consists of 100 floating islands, which are randomly split up when the game starts. As you progress through the game, you and your spirits will grow stronger. Moonstone Island also stands out for the way it encourages exploration, as venturing into new islands means you’ll find new crops to cultivate and more spirits to capture.

With so many layers of gameplay, there are a ton of systems here to understand and master, and it will undoubtedly satisfy the crowd of Stardew Valley players looking for a game that varies with its combat and story.

Now is the best time to try the game, as Moonstone Island is on Steam sale for 30% off at $13.99 / £10.97. The sale lasts until June 3, so make sure to act fast if you’re considering the deal from publisher Raw Fury.

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