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Hitman gets uber-stylish trailer, episodic structure “inspired by contemporary TV series”

Hitman trailer

With Agent 47’s return just around the corner, Io-Interactive have dropped an ultra cool “World of Assassination” trailer for the incoming Hitman, and have revealed why they chose a “fully episodic” pricing structure.

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Last month, Io-Interactive revealed the upcoming Hitman will launch with a new pricing structure and just one location, meaning missions will be staggered throughout the year.

Now, Io-Interactive’s community manager Travis Barbour has offered some reasoning as to why they arrived at the decision.

“The episodic nature of Hitman allows us to craft both individual stories centred on Agent 47’s targets as well as longer season stories involving 47, Diana Burnwood, the ICA, and an entirely new main cast,” says Barbour via the PlayStation Blog.

“The structure is inspired by contemporary TV series and will unfold over multiple seasons. To begin with, the overall story and the individual mission stories run in parallel but as the first season progresses, the tracks will merge and become one.”

And here’s the latest trailer:

“Read between the news feeds,” says the trailer. “Follow the money, join the dots – there is a world beyond yours where economics and luxury collide with violence and power. Contract by contract professional killers shape the world you see. From brutal amateurs, to ruthless professionals, to silent assassins.”

The latter matches the uber cool trailer, and is the role I think the game expects you to assume. If my previous Hitman-ning is anything to go by, I’ll be lucky to fall into the first category. Like a bald, tattooed bull in a china shop, I am. You’ll fare better though when Hitman beta comes to PC on February 19, won’t you?