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Homestuck adventure game, Hiveswap, finally gets a full release date


New Homestuck game, Hiveswap, will release on September 14, 2017.

For those who aren’t familiar with Homestuck, it’s a webcomic that follows the stories of a group of friends who accidentally bring about the end of the world by playing the beta copy of an unreleased videogame. It started back in April 2009 but finished last October.

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A 2012 Kickstarter campaign to bring the webcomic to life by way of a videogame raised over $2 million, making it the fifth Kickstarter game to reach seven figures, and the third largest videogame Kickstarter during in its funding phase. It’s changed direction considerably since it was first pitched, though, as well as moved through three developers before finding a home at What Pumpkins Games.

The game – set in 1994 – will release in four acts. Apparently, you don’t need to know much about Homestuck to enjoy the game, as the story’s only tangentially connected to the webcomic. Your mission will be to get back to Earth after getting stranded on an alien planet.

As yet, we don’t know when the next episode is scheduled, but the first episode – along with the soundtrack – can be picked up on Steam and the Humble Store from September 14.