Hob, the new game from the team behind Torchlight, will be released next month

Hob forest

Developers Runic Games, the team behind both Torchlight games, have finally announced the release date for their upcoming game, Hob, first announced two years ago.

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In a video released on the PlayStation blog, Runic Games confirmed that Hob would release on September 26 for PC and PS4. Accompanying the trailer are six development tidbits from the team.

Hob is a long way from Runic’s previous projects. Torchlight and its sequel Torchlight 2 were both isometric action-RPGs with significant procedural generation, in a similar vein to games like Diablo. By contrast, Hob is more of a 3D puzzle-platformer, although it shares a lot of its art style with Runic’s previous games.

The trailer shows off Hob’s beautifully colourful environments, as well as a few of the tools at your character’s disposal. There’s even a brief look at some of the combat, a lot of which looks like it’s been carried over from Torchlight.