This Hollow Knight mod is Silksong’s perfect prequel

While Hollow Knight Silksong has faced delays and few recent updates, the Pale Court mod has been undergoing development and has a new trailer.

A picture of Hollow Knight in the Pale Court mod scenery

Hollow Knight is one of those indie game gems that took the gaming community by storm, gathering players of all varieties as fans. The artistic Metroidvania vibes mixed in with the adorable, nameless insectoid warrior made for an unforgettable experience. As you explore Hallownest, a fallen kingdom plagued by some supernatural disease, it becomes difficult not to want more of Hollow Knight‘s action-adventure thrill. While many of us have been waiting (im)patiently for more word on Silksong, the game’s sequel, a mod known as Pale Court has been underway.

Pale Court is coming on July 1, and will be free to all players looking to download the mod. Named after one of Hollow Knight’s iconic soundtrack songs, the mod has been in production for a good few years now. Between the modders’ school and jobs, it’s no wonder that the passion project has taken a while, though. The development team behind Pale Court has also paid close attention to every detail, from patterns to fairness for players.

They have previously stated that, “From attack design, animations, VFX, and character VO, we want to make sure we’re doing everything to the best of our ability for the player in mind.” It definitely seems as though Pale Court will be big enough to stand on its own as the precursor to Silksong while we wait for Hollow Knight’s sequel, as it brings with it all sorts of new features. With new art, bosses, charms, dialogue, and story, Pale Court is proving to be no small feat. We can expect to explore new areas once the download drops, and to also overcome various new enemies.

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I am personally excited to dive right into mods like this as soon as they launch. When it comes to indie games like Hollow Knight, the only thing that can make them even better (aside from their own sequel or something) is additional content made by fans pouring their own love into a game’s universe. I cannot wait to jump into boss fights against the likes of Zemer and Dryya, although I probably will not fare very well myself.

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