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Upcoming spaceship RTS Homeworld 3 has modding tools delayed

Homeworld 3 is coming very soon but those looking to create their own mods will have to wait a little to get their hands on modding tools.

There are few games that can inspire profound awe mixed with a sense of peace, wrapped up in some of the hardest RTS combat known to humanity. Thankfully the upcoming Homeworld 3 looks to join the rock hard path laid out by its predecessors to give us a spaceship-filled strategy game that lets you ooh and ahh at colossal ships hanging like jewels in the dark of space, all the time fending off attacks and blowing stuff up.

With Homeworld 3 nearing release, the space based RTS game has very big sci-fi shoes to fill. To help get some meat into those boots, developer Blackbird Interactive has been very clear that the game will include full mod support, letting players fix or change things to their will. However at the last moment a small roadblock has cropped up, meaning that the release of these modding tools will have to be delayed.

“We’ve been working with members of our modding community behind the scenes who have been giving us ongoing feedback. It’s important to us that we get this vital part of the Homeworld experience up to the standards you expect,” Blackbird Interactive says in a post released via Steam. “Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen challenges our custom Homeworld 3 Unreal 4 editor will be initially unavailable at the launch of Homeworld 3.”

Some truly tremendously sized ships duke it out in space.

This means that those looking to create mods will have to wait a little longer, with no specified release date for the modding suite. In addition, this post confirms that the Homeworld 3 modding tools will only be available through the Epic Games Store. You won’t have to own Homeworld 3 on EGS in order to mod the game, only downloading the modding tool itself requires the platform.

The post also details how mod integration will work. By partnering with mod.io, Homeworld 3 will have a built-in mod selection tool which will let players browse and install mods from within the game. This feature will go live on Friday May 10, ahead of Homeworld 3’s launch.

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For a glimpse at what modding may offer, the developer highlights Homeworld 3’s skirmish mode as an example. Initially the game will have eight maps for players to challenge each other over, when the modding tools are released players will be able to create and add to this roster, incorporating map elements found throughout the game.

Homeworld 3 will launch on Monday May 13 and if it’s anything like the earlier games in the series, this will definitely be one to watch so head over to the Steam page to add it to your wishlist.

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