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Honkai Star Rail is offering a massive amount of Jade in new game mode

Honkai Star Rail's upcoming Simulated Universe update is adding a new game mode that'll reward players with a ridiculous amount of Stellar Jade.

Honkai Star Rail is offering a massive amount of Jade in new game mode: anime puppet girl pointing a finger gun

Honkai Star Rail is giving players yet another reason to play through its Simulated Universe — as if the weekly rewards and character-build items weren’t enough already. HoYoverse is adding a new game mode to the anime game called Swarm Disaster, and it’s offering a surprising 4,500 Stellar Jade — enough for nearly three 10-pulls in Honkai Star Rail — to those who complete the challenge.

Swarm Disaster will be a permanent game mode, added to the Simulated Universe on Wednesday, September 6. To participate in the challenge, you’ll need to complete World 5 in the Simulated Universe by defeating the boss version of Kafka.

HoYoverse hasn’t yet shown gameplay of Swarm Disaster, but from their description, it sounds like a modified version of the random dungeons that already exist. You’ll be moving across different domains via a map, and after each cleared domain, you’ll get to roll Aeon-themed dice that cause different effects.

Blessings and curios still exist, along with path resonances, but you’ll also be tasked with special challenges to earn buffs as you progress, adding even more variety not found in the standard Simulated Universe.

Honkai Star Rail is offering an insane amount of Jade in new game mode: anime girl splash art next to text describing an event

For all your efforts in completing the five Swarm Disaster difficulties, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of Stellar Jade, two Self-Modeling Resin, warp passes, and other worthwhile items.

This is all especially useful because of how the roster is growing. We’re only in Honkai Star Rail version 1.3, but the roster is expanding quickly with popular characters like Kafka, Imbibitor Lunae, and Fu Xuan coming back to back.

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If you’re unsure of who to pull for as the banners fly by, be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list after you’ve redeemed any available Honkai Star Rail codes to give yourself a few extra Stellar Jades for more warps.