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One of PlayStation’s best RPGs is super cheap on Steam right now

Horizon Zero Dawn may have been overshadowed by Forbidden West, but it's still highly recommended on Steam, especially with this discount.

Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony’s unique and combat-driven PlayStation RPG Horizon Zero Dawn has a mega discount on Steam. If you’ve never played the dystopian, narrative-heavy game, now’s a great time to give it a spin. And at 75% off on PC, it’s more than worth it.

At just $12.49, the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn comes bundled with the Frozen Wilds expansion, some pretty great weapons, outfits, and a digital art book that is nothing short of spectacular – just when we thought we were over the stellar environment and open-world in the game, we were back drooling over it again when we saw the concept art.

It’s a good package considering starting with decent weapons and outfits can give you the edge in challenging combat. Finding the bows and outfit weaves that best complement your playstyle can be the difference between life and death in the RPG game.

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Set in a world where deadly machines have taken over, you play as the outcast Aloy, who has a mysterious connection to the past that the player uncovers as they play through the game’s story and emerging threats.

Horizon Zero Dawn has mostly positive reviews on its Steam page, but most people will agree the crucial reason to go back and play it is so you can get on the train headed for a complete trilogy experience — the sequel to Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, took everything from its predecessor and polished the experience into something much better. The third game is in development.

You might be tempted to jump straight to the second game. Truthfully though, Zero Dawn’s cinematic storytelling, lovable yet flawed protagonist Aloy (voiced by the always-wonderful Ashly Burch), and pliable combat mechanics make it worth it to start at the beginning.

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