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We’ve got 3,000 SMGs for Hounds: The Last Hope, but we’re no arms dealers - want to take them off our hands?

Hounds: The Last Hope.

Hey, I know you probably don’t know Hounds: The Last Hope – but maybe you’d like to. It’s a co-op friendly third-person shooter set in a New York that most closely resembles the demonically-devastated downtown in id’s scrapped version of Doom 4. It’s got a recognisably Resident Evil sort of vibe you can probably attribute to a shoulder-hugging camera and earnest voice acting.

Is that your jam? Well: it’s free-to-play in open beta. And you can have a fancy gun to shoot in it, if you’d like.

All Hounds asks of you is two legs for running, the occasional forward roll, and a barrel to look down. We’ll give you the last bit, if you’re happy to give us a Facebook Like via the widget below.

You’ll be asked for an email address, but don’t worry – that’s just for code-sending purposes, and not for the distribution of our Matt’s 100% unofficial Mulder X Scully newsletter.

Each code is good for one high-end, tier-two SMG – the SVD-50 Peacemaker – which can be used by any class in Hounds. Ordinarily, you’d only pick one up after a lucky loot roll at the end of a mission.

Winners will be picked at random. If you find a key in your inbox, you’ll want to take it straight to the Hounds site, click Pay Now in the Game section, login, and open the Coupon Code window. From there you can pop in the numbers, select a character, and press ‘Continue’. The weapon should then appear in your mailbox, like an incredibly dodgy eBay order.

The giveaway will close at midnight GMT on Wednesday June 3rd. Enjoy rooting out worms in the Big Apple.