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House Flipper update patches up holes after “rough” Farm DLC launch

A House Flipper update on Steam takes a hammer and nails to the simulation game’s many bugs and issues after the Farm DLC release with these patch notes.

House Flipper update fixes broken Farm DLC - a white-haired alpaca stands in a field near a stack of rounded hay bales

There’s a new House Flipper update on Steam, and it’s packed with fixes for the recently released House Flipper Farm DLC. Following a “rough” launch for the major update, which turns the renovation sim into a farming game, developer Empyrean says it has managed to track down most of the big bugs and issues faced by players “thanks to all the log files you sent us,” and has resolved many of them in its latest set of House Flipper patch notes.

“We know that the release of the Farm DLC has been rough for many of you, as there were things blocking your progress, crashing the game for ya, and causing all kinds of different bugs and optimisation problems,” the update reads, “I feel like you guys deserve an apology and an explanation.” As additional compensation, the team has also introduced a Steam sale for the base game and its various expansion packs.

The developer remarks on “a plethora of issues” that were sent in by players, thanking them for making it so easy to fix the problems with comprehensive bug reporting. It adds, “Other issues were not so easy to track through the logs, but we managed to fix them anyway!” In particular, it explains that “most of the problems happening with the Farm DLC were related to its unwanted dependencies on some other DLCs, the Pets DLC in particular.”

If you’re someone who was excited to play Farm Flipper but perhaps didn’t pick up one of the previous updates such as Garden, HGTV, Luxury, or Pets, you might have been running into some problems as a result. The good news is that those issues should now be resolved.

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Even better, there’s a big Steam sale on House Flipper as a make-good of sorts, meaning that if you have been tempted by some of the older DLC then all of them are 40% off, while the base game is half price and the Farm DLC gets a 10% discount. You can also grab one of several bundles at a discount, with the complete The Flipper Bundle 44% off if you haven’t jumped in before and want absolutely everything.

House Flipper patch notes 1.23105 – April 15, 2023

Here are the full House Flipper patch notes for the April 15 update:

  • Getting stuck on loading screens should now be fixed!
  • House photographing has been blocking the progress for many of you… Not anymore!
  • Building from scratch should now work properly. Go get your architect tool!
  • Pouring water for your hens is not going to be problematic anymore.
  • Chicken coop assembly should be a walk in the park from now on!
  • Vastly improved the visualisation of the final position of your roof
    during roof placement.
  • All the little translation bloopers are now gone!
  • Fixed a bug with door and window variants resetting when building house extensions.
  • Fixed the pesky grass that was causing problems for players who don’t own Garden DLC.
  • We’ve heard that Molly’s house had some roof problems. Fixed!
  • We took care of the Windmill house loading issue and threw in a few environment optimizations.
  • Any problems with scrolling through houses in your laptop should now be gone.
  • Fixed a bug related to the ability to build extensions outside the plot.
  • Got rid of visual task list errors in case of too many tasks.
  • Farm DLC animal icons have been fixed.
  • Improvements to bunny movement
  • Shop filtering issues have been filtered… hehe!
  • Fixed the Freestand Bathtub shop icon.
  • … and a couple of other tiny improvements and slight optimization tweaks!
  • Make sure that your game is properly updating! The version that you should see in the main menu is 1.23105 (4d8b3). If you cannot see any updates in your library and the version is different than the one mentioned, try to restart Steam or verify the integrity of game files.

The team says that it “will continue to work on additional optimisation tweaks and any new issues that arise.” For those of you who still haven’t given the game a try but have a PC Game Pass subscription, you can also play House Flipper for free as part of that – although the Farm DLC is yet to make its way to the Xbox storefront on PC.

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