Here’s how to fix the EA app on Steam Deck

Having trouble with a certain storefront on your Valve handheld? Here's how to fix the EA app on Steam Deck and enjoy your Electronic Arts library on the go

How to fix EA app on Steam Deck: Valve Handheld with EA app logo on screen

Valve has come a long way with its handheld gaming PC, but there are still a few kinks that require a bit of ironing, such as the EA app. Don’t fret, though, as Gaming on Linux shows you how to fix the EA app on Steam Deck and prevent crashing.

If you’ve noticed EA games returning to the Steam Library when trying to load, there is a workaround to try. Before going forward, we recommend plugging your device into the best Steam Deck dock, which will make it easier for mouse and keyboard inputs. Also, be wary that the workaround could compromise your save files, so creating back-ups is strongly advised.

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Gaming on Linux outlines where save data is kept on SteamOS, but it does depend on the game, and not all have cloud save support. The video explains in greater detail where to find files and how to back them up.

Once you’ve successfully backed your saves up, follow these steps on your Steam Deck:

  • Select the EA game you’re trying to play
  • Go to the ‘cog’ icon on the right
  • Go to ‘Developer’
  • Select ‘Delete Proton Files’
  • When booting the game up, the EA app should reinstall

The above may take a moment to initialise, but should fix any issues with games that require EA’s software. Just to reiterate, you’re urged to keep copies of any save files in a different location in case of any data loss. The steps are straightforward, but the tutorial provides a visual guide that’ll help you follow along with ease.

As highly praised as the Steam Deck is, there are still issues to be found, though this particular quirk isn’t necessarily Valve’s fault. However, the company can be blamed for things like download speeds or loud fan bursts, but at least there are enthusiasts who can offer up temporary solutions until something long-term rolls out.