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How to upgrade and install a new PSU

Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB PLUS Platinum 1200W PSU

The PSU may not be the sexiest of PC upgrade, but without a good power supply in your gaming rig you’re risking your expensive, power hungry components every time you boot your machine. But replacing the PSU isn’t difficult; you just need a screwdriver, some patience, and a love for cable management. We’ve broken it down into just a few simple steps. Ain’t we good to you?

Your GPU is the biggest drain on your power supply, check out our pick of the best graphics cards you can buy today.

But why would you want to replace your PSU? Well, maybe you’re thinking about upgrading your graphics card once the current GPU nightmare is over. Maybe you’re thinking about maybe getting yourself one of them Nvidia Volta cards when they launch sometime this year. Or maybe you’ve just won big on the great crypto gamble and are thinking of just adding in another graphics card.

Seeing as the graphics card is the most thirsty component in your rig a GPU upgrade is the thing most likely to force you into upgrading your power supply. And it’s not just about how much raw power they consume either, some graphics cards may need more PCIe power connections than your current PSU can offer.

Power supply

To check whether your current power supply has Wattage enough for your prospective graphics card upgrade then you can either simply check on your GPU manufacturer’s website for the recommended PSU rating or you can dig out an energy calculator to give you a more personalised, more detailed account of what you’ll need.

Cooler Master’s power supply calculator is a handy little page to bookmark and allows you to enter all your PC’s components to give you a breakdown of what Wattage of PSU you’ll need for your rig and any potential upgrade.

Check out the video below for a guide to all things PSU (because our Jacob’s obsessed with them, for some reason) from energy rating to installation.

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