Humankind devs are focused on bringing mod tools “as soon as possible”

The Humankind team is "focusing on the modding tools" for a near-future update.

A soldier raises her rifle as an elephant roars in the background in a piece of Humankind key art.

In the Humankind team’s latest blog post, developer Amplitude Studios is “focusing” on bringing mod tools to PC “as soon as possible” – which it will include in a future update, although the team admits that the first Humankind mod support tools will have “more limited capabilities” than it was intending.

Back in February this year, Amplitude revealed some of the ambitious plans it had for Humankind’s modding tools. The team said that it was putting a “greater emphasis on providing our community with powerful but accessible tools” based on the devs’ own content crafting kit – adding that it would “like to take the modding capabilities a step further.”

The new blog post for Humankind detailing a little of what Amplitude has planned for the game, and while mod tools are still on the cards, “the timing did not work out” as the developer had planned. Consequently, apart from mod support being put back, the initial tools will be “more limited” than before – and the now inaccurately named ‘Day 1 mod‘ to show off those tools has been delayed too.

In more positive news, the team is listening to all the various issues players may have brought up and is working hard on patching these problems – with the first available right now to beta test on the Steam version. Improvements in this first patch include more oil and uranium deposits, bug fixes, helping players on Game Pass access multiplayer more easily, and “improved AI behavior and performance”.

The patch after this will focus on improving multiplayer for everyone and offer “a balance pass on several aspects of the game, such as cultures” – which the team always planned on fixing post-launch. Amplitude also confirms it is looking into players’ concerns for a number of issues, including “diplomacy, pollution, religion, and war resolution” – but warns it may “not be able to provide a quick solution to these”.

With a few improvements, Humankind could easily join Amplitude’s previous game Endless Legend as one of the best 4x strategy games on PC, so hopefully it’ll get there.