Humankind devs are taking the 4X game’s modding capabilities “a step further”

If you’ve been wondering what we can expect in the way of modding support when the Humankind release date rolls around, developer Amplitude has the answer. The studio has posted a new dev blog detailing its “plans for modding tools in Humankind”, so now we’ve got a good idea of what we’ll be able to tweak and tinker with in the upcoming PC game.

“With Humankind, we’d like to take the modding capabilities a step further,” Amplitude says in the blog. “We’ve been thinking about mod support virtually since the beginning of the project, and put greater emphasis on providing our community with powerful but accessible tools.” The dev explains that, rather than having to edit the 4X game’s data files manually, aspiring Humankind modders will get access to a bunch of tools which are based on the devs’ own content crafting kit.

Additionally, the upcoming strategy game’s AI will be moddable, the dev says, meaning you can adapt it to accommodate new or altered mod content. Though, if you’d prefer not to get stuck into this level of community creation, there’ll also be a map editor featured in the game, meaning you can “craft any map you want, whether it’s a recreation of a real area or a map for competitive multiplayer”.

However, it’s worth noting that, as Amplitude is “focused on improving and polishing Humankind first, unfortunately neither of these tools will be ready when the game releases”. However, the devs have laid out plans of wat you’ll be able to do with the tools when they do drop – and this comes in stages.

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When the modding tools first get released, you’ll be able to do the following (via Amplitude):

  • Change game values, e.g. for balancing, or to change or add new content, like technologies, civics, units, or even cultures.
  • Change localization (names, descriptions, event texts, tooltips)
  • Re-use existing 3D and 2D assets for your new content
  • Import 2D UI assets for new content
  • Change AI code (so it can take your other modded content into account)
  • Create fixed maps (The Map Editor will likely be a separate tool)

The studio hopes to also adds other features, such as importing 3D assets like unit models and buildings, materials or textures, and the ability to create complete scenarios – but these won’t be available when the tools drop.

Be prepared: Pre-order Humankind here

If you’re keen to give the tools an early go, however, the studio is opening a modding program for players to join. You’ll have to get in touch with the studio (details are in the description for the above clip) and, if you’re successful, the devs will “be in touch with next steps within the next couple weeks”. For more information on what Amplitude has planned for Humankind’s modding scene and the FAQs it’s answered, head to the game’s latest dev blog at that link.

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