Save up to 34% off HyperX’s hybrid gaming headset

This headset is just at home outdoors as it is in gaming sessions

You might love the comfort and sound of your gaming headset, but the 'gamer' aesthetic (read: way too much RGB and bulky plastic) makes them look very out of place in a public setting – unless you really want to rock that look, we're not going to judge, promise.

HyperX makes some of the best gaming headsets and best wireless gaming headsets on the market, with some making our list and it even has a great solution for on-the-go gaming headsets in the form of its wireless Cloud Mix headset, which we were pretty fond of in our HyperX Cloud Mix review. With the boom microphone attached, it's the perfect headset for a Black Ops – Cold War match, but remove it and it turns into a sleek looking set of cans which look just at home on your commute or gym session. And, it's still got its own small built in mic, so you're not left short there either.

Over on Amazon US, it's discounted 24%, bringing it down to $152.90 from $199.99. For UK customers, there's a 34% reduction to be had, bringing it down to £117.99 from £179.99. And if you want to save even more, it's available from the Amazon warehouse – these are customer returns, so they should look almost good as new anyway.

Like our favourite HyperX Cloud Alpha, it’s got memory foam for comfort in extended use, plus dual chamber drivers, which separate the mid and high frequencies from the bass, and an even higher frequency response – both of which add up to audiophile-quality experience. Plus, the aluminium frame means it holds up to the knocks and bangs of everyday use.

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This deal won’t be around forever, though. Make sure to check out the Amazon page if you’re looking to upgrade your headset.