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Hyte’s new blue milk PC case is the perfect home for a Star Wars build

With its three new "milky" colorways, the revised Hyte Y70 has a name and style suited to hosting the Empire's finest PC gaming system.

Hyte has just updated its Y70 PC case with a new touchscreen and three new colorways, and one of the new models looks like an ideal place to put together a Star Wars PC. The new Hyte Y70 color is, after all, called blue(berry) milk, and the case’s ventilation grilles have always reminded us of the famed lozenge-shaped lighting on the Empire’s ships.

The Hyte Y70 Touch immediately leaped onto our best PC case guide when we reviewed it, as it’s an amazing-looking, well-built, and spacious case with a strikingly tall and thin 4K touchscreen nestled in its front corner.

hyte y70 strawberry milk

The newly tweaked Y70 actually slightly reduces the specs of that screen, dropping to a 2.5k (688 x 2,560) resolution instead, but that’s still a very high resolution for such a small screen. Hyte says it made this change as it was finding it too difficult to secure a supply of the original 4K screen.

Otherwise, the case essentially stays the same, other than now coming in new “strawberry milk”, “blueberry milk”, and “taro milk” colors, which equate to a classic baby pink, a slightly bolder light blue, and a purple color that’s pretty much the color of taro without any additional “milk” to lighten it.

hyte y70 taro milk

It’s actually the purple taro option that appealed to me the most. It somehow brings that cozy quality of a soft pink, but without evoking overly cutesy vibes.

Whichever color is your favorite, though, the revised Hyte Y70 will be out imminently with its original black, white, panda (black and white), and black and red color options still available. You can also spec the case now without the screen, starting at $219.99, while adding the screen bumps this price up to $359.99.

hyte thicc q80

In other Hyte news, the company has also announced a new 360mm THICC Q80 CPU cooler to go alongside the existing 240mm Q60 cooler. These AIO coolers have a super-thick 52mm radiator for masses of cooling power, with the Q60 generally having similar performance to a typical 360mm AIO cooler.

As such, the Q80 should be one of the most capable coolers you can buy when it arrives, although considering the Q60 already costs $299, the Q80 probably won’t come cheap. It will be available in black, white, and panda color options.

hyte fp12 series duo and trio

Speaking of black and white, Hyte has also announced its new FP12 Duo and FP12 Trio fans, which combine two and three fans respectively into a single unit with a single cable. The idea is that it makes installation and wiring easier, and the result is an even cleaner look.

We slightly question the fact that these and NZXT’s similar products are priced at the same level as separate fans, though, when clearly individual fans offer more versatility and contain considerably more components in total. However, we like the idea as a whole. The Duos and Trios are also available pre-bundled with Hyte’s AIO coolers.

Alongside those Duo and Trio fans is Hyte’s new qRGB Noodle, which is an appropriately named RGB strip that offers a wide 215-degree field of light dispersion, bathing nearly all sides of the strip in light. Like the new fans, they connect via USB-C, so they can be daisy-chained together.

What you will need, though, is one of Hyte’s Nexus Portal NP50 hubs to actually control all the features attached to the USB-C cables. This controller provides sufficient power to connect up to 18 devices per cable/channel and three channels, providing all the RGB patterning and fan control for its connected devices.

hyte rgb lighting setup

If you combine all your Hyte RGB gear, you can create the sort of full-themed light show like the one pictured above, using Hyte’s software, as shown in the image below.

hyte rgb lighting software

Hyte also showed off its new selection of swappable rollers for its Keeb TKL keyboard, with brass and wooden options now available to mix up the styling of its eccentric-looking typing tool.

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