I Am Bread channels the Force and blasts off for some space dogfights (no, seriously)

I Am Bread Star Wars

Greetings, young padawans of the PC. Today is the fourth day of the month of May, meaning it’s Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you, fellow lightsaber swingers! Celebrate in any fashion you fancy, including the massive Star Wars sale going on over at Steam right now. Or, if you prefer toast, try I Am Bread’s new space combat. 

No, seriously. I Am Bread has space battles now. 

Space combat comes courtesy of a free update that’s being applied to the game today. If you own the game and have completed chapter one you can dive right in. Looks like you’ll be dodging and shooting down TIE Fighters built from doughnuts and ryvita crispbreads.

Developer Bossa’s description for the addition reads as such (please imagine yellow scrolling text) “Following the destruction of the petrol station, the remaining crumbs of the rebellious fleet have been intercepted as they head to the planet of all-dough-naan. A lone freedom fighter with the call sign bread leader picks up the distress signal and speeds to their aid. And yep, you guessed it; he’s their only hope.”

If you don’t own I Am Bread, then check out Steve’s review to see if it’s worth picking up.