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Team Fortress 2 makes sandviches of I am Bread in free new level

I Am Bread

We are bread: that much is established. But there’s no reason we can’t aspire to be something more, is there? To be, in the words of the Heavy, a ‘sandvich’?

Bossa Studios have collaborated with the TF2 dev team on an I am Bread level spread liberally with easter eggs. The last time they worked with Valve on something, Surgeon Simulator 2013 accidentally launched a Half-Life 3 ARG. So this should be fun.

Out at 5pm UK time today and accompanied by a Bossa Twitch cast, the new update incorporates “tumour-inducing” teleporters, fireable miniguns, a floor full of sticky mines, and a climbable rendering of Heavy’s face.

If the novelty value ever threatens to wear off, there’s also a rating system attached to the new level. For the competitive yeast-steerers among you.

The update will be free to anybody with a copy of I am Bread, as well as with new versions of the game – which are, not coincidentally, 50% off on Steam for the next week.

I Am Bread is available on PC, Mac or any toaster connected to a digital distribution platform. Could this crossover be your jam?