I have inserted myself into these ten new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots — can you spot me?


Rockstar have just released ten new GTA V screenshots, which reminds us of the time they released three GTA V screenshots, that other time they released five GTA V screenshots, the occasion on which they released four GTA V screenshots, and of course who can forget the time they released three GTA V screenshots again. Rockstar’s screenshot key must look like the buffed bronze balls of a public statue. Anyway, because it’s “fun”, I’ve inserted myself into one or all of the GTA V screenshots and now I’m challenging you to spot me using your brain and eyes. And for your information: no, I didn’t realise how incredibly self-indulgent that was until I’d nearly finished doing it and it was too late.


gta5b8568Pointing At Sunset”

gta5c8568“The Briny Deep”

gta5d8568“Chocks Away”

gta5e8568“Cheeky Fire Man”

gta5f8568_0Who Me?”

gta5g8568“Babe Caught Me Sleepin”

gta5h8568“Gotta Go Fast”

gta5i8568“Wind Beneath My Wings”

gta5j8568“Ew Who Done a Trump was it You Tommy Vercetti I Forget Your Name”